TREKS: The platform for high performance.
Plan and execute with discipline.

*Use TREKS to accomplish great things at home AND at work. (Keep your personal data even if you switch jobs).


Use TREKS to organize all of your projects and tasks, collaborate with others, prioritize work, eliminate distractions, and manage your time. Get dramatically more of what really matters done in substantially less time.



Goals are what drive people and organizations forward. TREKS empowers you with the clarity, commitment, detailed plans, and accountability needed to accomplish even the toughest of goals.

  • Establish a clear and measurable path with a target value, an end date, and interim milestones
  • Tell whether you are winning or losing in real-time with manual or automatic data collection
  • Identify roadblocks and make concrete plans during daily reflections
  • Stay motivated and inspired by sharing your goal and working with an Accountability Partner


Harness the power of habits and watch daily effort culminate in big wins. Identifying what will make the biggest impact on your goal and then relentlessly taking action makes all the difference.

  • Never forget to take action with Habits showing prominently at the top of your Action Planner and notifying you if it's past time to do something
  • Easily track and analyze effort
  • Turn regular routines into new behaviors for yourself and/or your organization


Planning and organizing tasks and projects sets the stage for precise execution, meeting commitments, and holding yourself and others accountable.

  • Ensure the most important work is completed first by setting task priority
  • Stop wasting time looking for relevant files and information by attaching files and communicating directly on tasks
  • Stay in the loop on important tasks as a follower
  • Ensure you get the job done right the first time by breaking down bigger tasks with subtasks and checklists
  • Always know who owns which tasks to make sure they get done and avoid duplicate effort


Action Planner keeps you focused, on task, and more productive than you ever thought possible. Managing your time has never been more fulfilling and rewarding.

  • Know exactly what you can accomplish each day based on your calendar events, tasks, and time allotted
  • Keeping score on every single task is automatic and unbelievably effective in helping you focus, avoid distractions, and get your work done faster than ever
  • Stay agile and responsive, easily moving tasks or events around as priorities and needs change throughout the day
  • Organize both work and personal tasks on the Action Planner, keeping work tasks and personal tasks flowing in the appropriate Time Spans
  • Accomplish the most important things every day with goal linked regular routines (habits) that are always in view and accessible on your Action Planner


Dramatically improve team output by setting clear expectations, communicating effectively, encouraging creativity, increasing trust, and supporting risk taking.

  • Stop confusion and wasted time by keeping conversations, feedback, and ideas on each task - easily accessible when you need them
  • Keep team members productively moving forward by immediately identifying, communicating, and rectifying road blocks
  • Experience the power of holding yourself and other accountable by tracking commitments made


Knowing the score keeps you and your team committed to and passionate about the cause. You bring your whole self into the fight, and perform at the highest levels when you keep score.

  • See progress on goals and real-time results of linked habits
  • Knowing if you are winning or losing helps you make changes before it's too late and keeps you engaged and motivated in your work
  • Powerful time management strategies, tools, and metrics keep you focused and considerably more effective


Duration Accuracy



Constantly improving makes work rewarding, places your organization ahead of the competition, and keeps you and your team engaged. TREKS enables you to study results, make changes, and become more efficient.

  • Project retrospective meetings enable the team to review what went well and what can be improved, and then make commitments to specific improvements for the next phase of the project
  • Reviewing time management metrics daily and weekly help you to assess how well you are using your time and identify specific actions to make improvements
  • Goal and habit metrics shed light on what is working and what is not - driving you to modify plans, track results, and re-assess to ensure you achieve your goals


Nothing increases morale more than winning and recognizing important achievements. TREKS helps you formalize this through Incentives - small celebrations that recognize achievements in the course of your work.

  • Celebrate your victory in accomplishing a tough goal through an Incentive you or somebody else attaches to that goal
  • Recognize the achievement of habits which are the building blocks of successful goals
  • Become an Accountability Partner to a friend or co-worker on a goal and offer an Incentive as a way to celebrate its successful achievement