We are proud to announce the TREKS platform! TREKS is a cloud based application that organizes your individual and team work - helping you establish important goals, prioritize tasks, collaborate with team members, track progress, and make constant improvements.


With the information age, we have never been more informed and so well connected. However, we've also never been this distracted and fragmented. The onslaught of information with email, instant messages, notifications, and more robs us of our time and focus. TREKS was crafted to help you navigate a connected world in a much more graceful and productive way.

Keeping Score

Something truly amazing happens just by keeping score. Shooting hoops goes from sloppy shots and weak rebounds to hard driving, dropping tough shots, and winning at the boards - simply because somebody said, "first to 15 wins". TREKS helps you keep score on how effectively you are spending your time - minute by minute. This motivates you to eliminate distractions and find innovative ways to get your tasks done more quickly.

Action Planner

The Action Planner is a revolutionary new tool that helps you plan your day by combining your calendar events with your task list. Tasks flow around events automatically. Drag and drop + resize functionality makes it easy to adjust your plan quickly. Edits to calendar items are updated on your native calendar application.

The Action Planner changes everything. With the real-time indicator, you instantly know if you are ahead or behind schedule. When you apply yourself - bring your whole self to the fight - you find ways to get the job done in the time you allotted.

When you spend more time on a task than you planned, the application asks you whether you got distracted, misjudged the task, or let scope creep. At the end of the day and each week, powerful metrics provide insight on how well you've spent your time and where you can make improvements. Over time you will find your planning improves, execution becomes more precise, and you get your work done considerably faster than you could before.

Habits Shape Destinies

Nothing moves you closer to achieving really important goals than habits. TREKS harnesses the power of habits with manual and automatic data entry, convenient reminders, and keeping habits always in view.